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Solid Foundations for the Future

Foundation Repair and More

Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair

PGI will correct structural issues in a building's foundation to prevent or remedy damage, settling, or instability, ensuring the stability and safety of the entire structure.

Concrete Raising and Leveling

Concrete Raising and Leveling

Method used to raise, level, or stabilize existing concrete slabs without excavation or invasive processes or the added cost of pouring new concrete.

New Construction Helical Piles

New Construction Helical Piles

In-depth foundation solutions used to secure new or repair existing foundations, especially when adding a swimming pool, concrete deck or privacy wall.

Underpinning Systems

Underpinning Systems

The use of various techniques (including Helical Piles) to strengthen the foundation of an existing building when the foundation is determined to lack the strength to support the existing structure.

Pressure Grouting

Pressure Grouting

A process that uses high-pressure grout to fill weakened soil and voids to stabilize and strengthen the integrity of the soil.

Retaining & Seawall Repairs

Retaining and Seawall Repairs

Repairs to leaking, leaning, and bowing walls due to soil movement & erosion is typically achieved by installing Helical tiebacks to anchor and reinforce seawalls without seabed disruption.

Leaning Chimney Repair

Leaning Chimney Repair

Helical piers can be installed underneath the foundation providing permanent support. Often the chimney can be raised back to its original position if no further stress or strain is seen.

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Why Choose PGI Foundation Services?


Established in 1999, PGI is here to serve customer’s commercial and residential foundation repair and stabilization needs throughout the state of Florida and beyond.



We work with the most skilled engineers, use high-end products, and provide quality treatments to solve your foundation related challenges.



Our mission is to take a unique one-job-at-a-time, on-site management approach for your important projects that require foundation stabilization.


Call today for a free, no-obligation estimate for your foundation repair needs.

Preparation for Pressure Grouting

Let the experts at PGI Foundation Services solve your foundation related challenges.

We understand that dealing with damage to foundations, bowing walls, collapsiing chimneys, or uneven concrete can be concerning. It's not just about the aesthetics but also the safety aspect. Sometimes, we tend to overlook the need for services in these areas, but trust us, the issues can escalate faster than we think. This might lead to avoidable problems that can make repairs much more complicated in the long run. Our experts can remedy these issues and more.

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Underpinning Beneath House

Stop new construction problems before they can occur.

Prior to beginning the construction of any home or business, it is imperative to determine the type of soil the structure will be erected upon. Factors such as soil density, water tables, and poor fill material can affect the soil’s ability to support the weight of the new structure. By incorporating techniques such as the installation of helical piles and underpinning systems on new construction, future problems can be prevented. We work with skilled engineers, use high-end products, and provide quality treatments to ensure a solid foundation well into the future.

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